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Fri, 15-Dec-17 1:46 PM (10 minutes ago)
A beautiful,cold sunny day here & I'm off work,taking it easy now all the shopping & wrapping done
Justmedamian likes this
Well done you !! I haven’t even started yet !
(6 minutes ago)
Fri, 15-Dec-17 1:41 PM (15 minutes ago)
Good morning sexy people!
Fri, 15-Dec-17 1:20 PM (36 minutes ago)
Have any guys been ass fucked by their wife/ girlfriend? Really curious cause I reckon it's awesome.
yes, she got the house and contents.....;/
(35 minutes ago)
shouldn't have fucked her sister and Mum then TC
(34 minutes ago)
see threads about pegging in forum
(31 minutes ago)
Fri, 15-Dec-17 1:06 PM (50 minutes ago)
going on a date tonight cant wait
lucky chap
(37 minutes ago)
Fri, 15-Dec-17 1:06 PM (50 minutes ago)
Good day to lay in bed and play with my dick all day. Wish somebody can come here and play with me.........
Fri, 15-Dec-17 12:51 PM (1 hour ago)
Do girls like anal?
Viviannne likes this
9 out of 10 do .... the other one fukin loves it.
(1 hour ago)
9 out of 1 person asked said no
(57 minutes ago)
I do...
(50 minutes ago)
Paulie1969 likes this
depends on the girl id say,,
(34 minutes ago)
Fri, 15-Dec-17 12:47 PM (1 hour ago)
One likes to believe in the freedom of music
Fri, 15-Dec-17 12:45 PM (1 hour ago)
Science has proven that pictures posted on the internet do not fade over time. There is no need to remove and repost the same pictures over and over. They will be fine if left in place......
Artistic and curiousAdam like this
but they the new high definition wons
(1 hour ago)
Fri, 15-Dec-17 12:20 PM (1 hour ago)
Good morning everyone. Does anyone else have a difficult time waking up in the morning when it's cold outside?
nope. i juss pea da bed
(1 hour ago)
prettygirl1976 likes this
I have no problem waking up, but finding the willpower to get out of bed instead of snuggling up to my nice warm wife is another matter....
(1 hour ago)
prettygirl1976 likes this
i tried hibernation, I seems to lack fur
(33 minutes ago)
prettygirl1976 likes this
Fri, 15-Dec-17 12:08 PM (1 hour ago)
Cold but beautiful day,may have a little play by the fire
london36male and nosanity like this
is your fire lit, or would you like some help?
(1 hour ago)
Fri, 15-Dec-17 12:02 PM (1 hour ago)
Just getting home from a late night booty call with an old fuck buddy. Pussy still dripping his cum, now hubby's turn.
Jacobite, Viviannne and MrBJacket38 like this
What is not to love about that!?
(49 minutes ago)
Fri, 15-Dec-17 11:47 AM (2 hours ago)
Is it ever too late to be free?
(2 hours ago)
Fri, 15-Dec-17 11:32 AM (2 hours ago)
Cruising for some m4m. In chat or inbox me guys.
Fri, 15-Dec-17 11:30 AM (2 hours ago)
Good morning
Fri, 15-Dec-17 10:53 AM (3 hours ago)
I’m going to be a Dad!!! I just saw my wank sock kick!!
hounddog67 likes this
time to wash it then...
(3 hours ago)
thats nice . . . . . . . . . . . dear
(2 hours ago)
So does it look like you too?
(2 hours ago)
DubbleStrubble likes this
Fri, 15-Dec-17 10:29 AM (3 hours ago)
Wondering if a hook up is possible sometime soon?
wish I lived closer
(3 hours ago)
like an NN meet up party maybe?
(3 hours ago)
I can hear the thunder of fans on their way to you right now x
(3 hours ago)
urwayhot and nosanity like this
Anything is possible if you're willing to travel far enough....
(1 hour ago)
Fri, 15-Dec-17 8:44 AM (5 hours ago)
The older I get the more I realize you can live happily, yet fully unsatisfied.
Viviannne likes this
(49 minutes ago)
Fri, 15-Dec-17 8:29 AM (5 hours ago)
Wondering if any of you cum on my pics?
oh yes
(5 hours ago)
goes to check out pics...
(5 hours ago)
not yet, but I'm working on it
(5 hours ago)
Could well do shortly! Stunning pics xx
(5 hours ago)
I'd never seen your pics Sexymilf, but of course on reading this I had to go directly to your page to see if you were true to label, (I love sexy mllfs).You are. I'll definitely cum back at least
(2 hours ago)
Fri, 15-Dec-17 7:52 AM (6 hours ago)
Christmas Party tonight. If last year’s any indication, I will inevitably disgrace myself.
If yo don't have cum dribbling down your chin by 9pm I'll be disappointed.
(6 hours ago)
Both! Last year I got wasted drunk and gave three head jobs in the men’s toilet! Took the next day off work.
(6 hours ago)
There’s every chance I will, nerdisss
(5 hours ago)
joe_betty and nosanity like this
omg i wish i could join in
(5 hours ago)
Don't forget to take some pics......... and write a blog afterwards!
(1 hour ago)
Fri, 15-Dec-17 7:49 AM (6 hours ago)
"Blanche I borrowed your gold earrings." "That's fine, but I want you to know they were made for petite ears." "Well they will have to do until Disney unveils their Dumbo line." Lol!!!!!
joe_betty likes this
Fri, 15-Dec-17 7:33 AM (6 hours ago)
Told to have melanoma check, totally tanned and freckly.....Dr panics, finds 1 on my back, states likely stage 2 melanoma..Results: ink spot where someone threw a pen at me as a child lmao
studies pitchers looking for tell tale signs of dodgey tattooed epidemiology
(5 hours ago)
nosanity likes this
No not getting away with that Tickle We want more details you bad ass one you
(5 hours ago)
tickle_me_elmo and nosanity like this
My ass is really not that bad. And I have pics to prove it
(5 hours ago)
el es burrow. .. hmmm
(5 hours ago)
*Runs of to perv Tickle's ass* mmmmm
(4 hours ago)
tickle_me_elmo likes this
Fri, 15-Dec-17 7:04 AM (6 hours ago)
Just posted a couple new photos... Thoughts?
A bit boring? Sorry ...
(6 hours ago)
missourimike2 and NaughtyKat like this
Fri, 15-Dec-17 6:35 AM (7 hours ago)
Naughty lunch time sex wanted,who's up for it ???
Fri, 15-Dec-17 6:19 AM (7 hours ago)
I don`t get on here much, but I hope everyone has a very very very horny XXXmas and new year!
You too !
(7 hours ago)
Fri, 15-Dec-17 5:48 AM (8 hours ago)
Good morning friends. It's Friday!
smedium and NaughtyKat like this
My weekend started too ans I perved emo's pics
(7 hours ago)
Elmo her pics
(7 hours ago)
tickle_me_elmo likes this
G(.)(.)d Morning Friend x Happy Friday!
(4 hours ago)
Mr.Fin likes this
That is good aero
(3 hours ago)
Good morning Kat my friend thank you, you too xx
(3 hours ago)
NaughtyKat likes this
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