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Wed, 24-Oct-18 5:41 AM (7 minutes ago)
I just moved to AZ, is there any lovely ladies around?
Wed, 24-Oct-18 5:27 AM (21 minutes ago)
I am horny girl please comment
But your profile shows that your a male?
(17 minutes ago)
justcuz likes this
with a cock pic posted
(13 minutes ago)
amazing how the other crap pics just disappeared isn't it? :P
(11 minutes ago)
Wed, 24-Oct-18 5:10 AM (38 minutes ago)
Hanging at the Ritz in Philly next few nights...
Wed, 24-Oct-18 4:31 AM (1 hour ago)
Good morning all.
Wed, 24-Oct-18 4:20 AM (1 hour ago)
New pix TOT lol ok a bit late
mrdikman likes this
Wed, 24-Oct-18 4:03 AM (1 hour ago)
Are face pics even a thing? ^^
mrdikman likes this
Uh, yeah. Quite a few folks post face pics
(1 hour ago)
mooreslife and lennynatural like this
I don't put my face on here but will send if you ask me to
(1 hour ago)
mrdikman likes this
Wed, 24-Oct-18 3:25 AM (2 hours ago)
I would rub you down and then fuck you right !!
Wed, 24-Oct-18 3:08 AM (2 hours ago)
I just gave my butt a great workout...definitely gonna fell the burn tomorrow
Lemme get the lube, er, oil, I meant to say oil
(2 hours ago)
Newgirl16 likes this
I can help give the rest a workout
(1 hour ago)
Oooooohhhh like at the gym?? ;-)
(1 hour ago)
I give killer butt rubs ;)
(26 minutes ago)
keep up the great work
(19 minutes ago)
Wed, 24-Oct-18 2:57 AM (2 hours ago)
Finally have cable and internet back. They were thinking it wouldn't be repaired until the 15th of November.
lennynatural likes this
Good news!
(2 hours ago)
Wed, 24-Oct-18 2:43 AM (3 hours ago)
Happiness is when your girl not only loves giving blow jobs, but eagerly wants to swallow every drop! :D
baldy1958 and steelrat60 like this
Wed, 24-Oct-18 2:21 AM (3 hours ago)
Need advice on cockrings anyone ? ?
Sent you a PM. I own several. Ask whatever quesstions you want.
(3 hours ago)
Wed, 24-Oct-18 1:49 AM (3 hours ago)
Hey new to the site. Would love to meet some people
Wed, 24-Oct-18 1:46 AM (4 hours ago)
Hey! :-) We just past 700 photo uploads :-) Hope you have enjoyed them all :-)
I know I have! Thanks for posting!!
(1 hour ago)
Wed, 24-Oct-18 1:23 AM (4 hours ago)
Nevermind LOL freaking buttons! I deleted them both though
tugking70 likes this
Wed, 24-Oct-18 1:19 AM (4 hours ago)
Work day done, clothes off, time to get naughty!
Wed, 24-Oct-18 1:06 AM (4 hours ago)
I wanna lover that won’t drive me crazy.
tugking70 likes this
Wed, 24-Oct-18 12:43 AM (5 hours ago)
I'm in the mood for some phone sex... anyone else?
my phone isnt waterproof never mind water resistant so no
(4 hours ago)
Wed, 24-Oct-18 12:00 AM (5 hours ago)
Oh look, peeeeople
(5 hours ago)
juicy likes this
yeah but I remove them anyway, not done for a while, I have pages of them lol
(5 hours ago)
juicy likes this
I purged my statuses a bit ago... it was a chore, took a while
(5 hours ago)
juicy likes this
One of these days I will tidy mine but there is one I will never get rid of
(4 hours ago)
steelrat60 likes this
and done :)
(4 hours ago)
steelrat60 likes this
Tue, 23-Oct-18 11:36 PM (6 hours ago)
Haven’t had a tribute in a while. Any takers??
vegie_garden likes this
Come find me in chat?
(5 hours ago)
pm me
(5 hours ago)
Don't think anyone really does them anymore, do they? Good luck! Hope you get a nice creamy one :-)
(3 hours ago)
Tue, 23-Oct-18 11:32 PM (6 hours ago)
I'll read pic suggestions for tonight :)
Tue, 23-Oct-18 11:23 PM (6 hours ago)
I just wanted to eat pussy
Tue, 23-Oct-18 11:00 PM (6 hours ago)
ops flitt i opened your b day pressie....hurry
huh? what? who ? where?
(6 hours ago)
Tue, 23-Oct-18 10:51 PM (6 hours ago)
Just a horny married guy who likes all of the unhibited ladies on NN
Tue, 23-Oct-18 10:46 PM (7 hours ago)
how do mermaids have babies?
Like fish but they put the egg in a shell
(6 hours ago)
Tue, 23-Oct-18 10:40 PM (7 hours ago)
relaxing tonight
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