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Sun, 20-Oct-19 8:10 PM (10 minutes ago)
Suppose I better wash up from dinner and put the kettle on, smile
No sugar little milk with my tea plz
(8 minutes ago)
Ok Polly....
(8 minutes ago)
Sun, 20-Oct-19 8:08 PM (12 minutes ago)
Listening to some old school stuff today! Boom! shake-shake-shake the room! Tic-tic-tic-tic Boom!
Sun, 20-Oct-19 8:03 PM (18 minutes ago)
I have deleted all my pica and will be deleting my a count soon. I have enjoyed bring on here and many thanks to all the lovely people who liked and commented. Just cant do this right now
Sorry to see you go. Take care in wherever the future takes you.
(16 minutes ago)
Sun, 20-Oct-19 7:54 PM (27 minutes ago)
Looking to have a mutually satisfying conversation with a female and or couple with striaght male .
Sun, 20-Oct-19 7:53 PM (28 minutes ago)
Good morning pervs and pervettes smile
Hi pushit
(25 minutes ago)
Hi Flit
(20 minutes ago)
Howdy humps smile
(19 minutes ago)
happyhumper69 likes this
Let's just not talk about the last couple hours and wish Flitty a good morning smile
(15 minutes ago)
Hello there maegnilsmile
(11 minutes ago)
Sun, 20-Oct-19 7:45 PM (35 minutes ago)
Large pepperoni with extra cheese, and an order of cheesy bread.
happyhumper69 likes this
Wait, this is supposed to go in the other window...
(35 minutes ago)
happyhumper69 and lip2lip like this
Spicey for me plz
(34 minutes ago)
Afraid to see what you just posted on the Pizza Hut website LOL
(19 minutes ago)
Lol hump, at least I didn't post my sausage
(15 minutes ago)
happyhumper69 likes this
Sun, 20-Oct-19 7:34 PM (46 minutes ago)
drool Those tight leggings that a lot of women wear drool Enough to get any guy (perv) feeling porned up.. jerk
I love wearing leggings too smile
(42 minutes ago)
Hmmm, but is this Mr or Mrs speaking clearcat?
(32 minutes ago)
muckingforon likes this
(12 minutes ago)
Danthaman827 likes this
Then continue drool wink
(10 minutes ago)
(8 minutes ago)
Sun, 20-Oct-19 7:33 PM (47 minutes ago)
Supertramp: Breakfast In America, Gone Hollywood, Give A Little Bit
happyhumper69 likes this
Noooooo you missed Goodbye Stranger!
(46 minutes ago)
BuxomXhunter likes this
And Dreamer tongue
(45 minutes ago)
BuxomXhunter likes this
I had those on a while back, I try to change up on my blog music
(23 minutes ago)
Sun, 20-Oct-19 7:28 PM (53 minutes ago)
Cleaning mirrors is a job I could really see myself doing
muckingforon and happyhumper69 like this
I found out it's not all its cracked up to be
(50 minutes ago)
Sun, 20-Oct-19 7:23 PM (57 minutes ago)
Okay since I missed the chaos, which I'm guessing is a good thing; and not in the mood for heavy shit today, I do believe I'll show myself to the door...later y'all...
Hi / Bye MW
(55 minutes ago)
Hun xoxox heart
(55 minutes ago)
Hi and bye Fit grin....heartheartheart Shaq
(52 minutes ago)
Sun, 20-Oct-19 7:21 PM (59 minutes ago)
I used to be a banker, but then I lost interest
muckingforon and happyhumper69 like this
I thought about becoming a Baker, since I'm always needing dough tongue
(56 minutes ago)
ok I a butcher cause I keep beating the meat
(48 minutes ago)
Tardis and MidnightWriter like this
Sun, 20-Oct-19 7:11 PM (1 hour ago)
Heard joke once: Man goes to doctor. Says he's depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain......
Doctor says, "Treatment is simple. Great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go and see him. That should pick you up.".....
(1 hour ago)
Doctor says, "Treatment is simple. Great clown Pagliacci is in Man bursts into tears. Says, "But doctor...I am Pagliacci."
(1 hour ago)
it ain't over till the fat lady sings
(1 hour ago)
MidnightWriter likes this
Sun, 20-Oct-19 7:08 PM (1 hour ago)
God bless whoever invented yoga pants!
FitToy4Lv, Tardis and Danthaman827 like this
Well they dont look very good on men, before you try them out, lol
(1 hour ago)
Tardis likes this
don't worry pushithard, I ain't going to try or ware yoga pant, leave it to the pretty women
(1 hour ago)
Yeah, the moose knuckle isn't a great look!
(41 minutes ago)
Sun, 20-Oct-19 6:57 PM (1 hour ago)
Anyone doing tributes? Can send you a face pic in exchange
this post would normally infuriate me but after what we saw earlier it brings things into perspective.... doesn't make it right tho....
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 20-Oct-19 6:56 PM (1 hour ago)
I didn't see any of the pics, I'm glad. but please do not have a knee jerk reaction and blane NN or newbienudes in anyways, a site like this open to abuse from pic posters. NN will do the right thing.
TC - stop it... you almost had the job! wink
(39 minutes ago)
TopCat57 likes this
The member from north Somerset rests his casetongue
(39 minutes ago)
Godshite i agree with tongue
(38 minutes ago)
cath68 likes this
(32 minutes ago)
Shite: p
(32 minutes ago)
lip2lip likes this
Sun, 20-Oct-19 6:52 PM (1 hour ago)
NN bar is open! Free drinks for everyone!
Hmm I need to try that!
(9 minutes ago)
TC!!! It worked!! ohmy
(4 minutes ago)
TopCat57 likes this
Can I be your 2nd best man at your second wedding , when you actually speak to each other? : D
(3 minutes ago)
shaqila likes this
LOL sure
(3 minutes ago)
TopCat57 likes this
I doubt I'd ever get married again lol as fun as it was, it's so much stress having a wedding
(1 minute ago)
Sun, 20-Oct-19 6:46 PM (1 hour ago)
Big group hug for everyone smile
Hello's SexyEB's X...Ummm..Second rate Liverpool...ohmy
(1 hour ago)
Danthaman827 likes this
can i just hug you and forget the rest lol
(1 hour ago)
Anytime is a good time for a group hug
(1 hour ago)
I'll pass...just finished my run and I'm sweaty all over...you all are welcome
(1 hour ago)
I love hug's...Thank You Ma'am smile
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 20-Oct-19 6:45 PM (1 hour ago)
Okay, I don't care what time it is, the bar is open. I need a drink, who else wants some?
What can I get ya?
(1 hour ago)
Artistic likes this
tequila,,, lets keep em coming
(1 hour ago)
Bring in the beers!
(1 hour ago)
Artistic likes this
cheers shaq
(1 hour ago)
*Gets a couple shots of tequila, a pitcher of beer and a whisky
(1 hour ago)
Artistic likes this
Sun, 20-Oct-19 6:41 PM (1 hour ago)
I would like to just say that in 17 years of operation, we have never had such images posted here. This is the first time. Rest assured all details of the offender will be handed to the police today.
I never want to see anything like it again!
(1 hour ago)
Sadly people can upload any pic without having to subscibe
(1 hour ago)
iluvpussi likes this
Lets get some more mods in place as a matter of urgency.
(1 hour ago)
TopCat57 likes this
It's the first time I've seen that..So hope that it never happens again. Sad that Live Help was was not here.
(1 hour ago)
happyhumper69 likes this
I better not say what I would do to the scumbag that posted them
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 20-Oct-19 6:39 PM (1 hour ago)
Looking forward to a relaxing Sunday afternoon in the backyard enjoying the view and wine smile
johnnyel and HardAlligator960 like this
Sun, 20-Oct-19 6:38 PM (1 hour ago)
The VERY disturbing content you just had to see was taken down by Mods, we notified NN. Sorry you had to see this sad
Guess I’m lucky I didn’t see any of that disturbing content you mentioned
(1 hour ago)
shaqila and Mr_Vein like this
Yep I guess I did puppyman. Maeg came running with the laptop, the pics were already gone and the profile gagged, so I went straight to PM NN. Glad we got it done fairly quickly
(1 hour ago)
happyhumper69 and cath68 like this
^ To my know my knowledge it's never happen like what happened before...Very out of the ordinary.
(1 hour ago)
Nope.. first time ever Raven
(1 hour ago)
That was my first reaction; gag him before he could post more...or wipe his own gallery clean. Then I deleted them.
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 20-Oct-19 6:37 PM (1 hour ago)
So this morning my wife wanted to check my balls, discovered a black area on my sack, on August 1 I had hernia surgery and I suffered extreme black and blue on my genitals I guess they blow you up
Hoping things go well for you G.
(7 minutes ago)
(6 minutes ago)
maraff likes this
(5 minutes ago)
I'll second that,ouch
(5 minutes ago)
Sun, 20-Oct-19 6:37 PM (1 hour ago)
Dear friends here, what i just witnessed here has profoundly affected me and made me wonder if i want to be part of something that attracts people that evil..... pics deleted, time to reflect..
superhorny247365 and TopCat57 like this
I saw nothing but clearly not what should be ever seen. Perhaps time to review photos before they come online is a good thing after all.
(27 minutes ago)
cath68 likes this
Cath, hope to see you around soon. xx smile
(25 minutes ago)
cath68 likes this
Still here, just reflecting.. x
(21 minutes ago)
lip2lip and TopCat57 like this
We are not responsible for what other sub humans choose to post, but we are responsible for reporting and doing whatever we can to have it removed.
(6 minutes ago)
Don't see you in chat Ms, prolly not in the frame of mind right now. :/
(6 minutes ago)
Sun, 20-Oct-19 6:34 PM (1 hour ago)
no witty, cheeky or plain moronic status update seems appropriate anymore...i am genuinely disturbed by what i have just seen
(1 hour ago)
feel sick to my stomach. at least the images appear to be removed now.
(1 hour ago)
They are gone. NN has been notified.
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 20-Oct-19 6:31 PM (1 hour ago)
I am paying for a site which leaves pics on who are crazy. Where are the mods or NN. This is disturbing!!!
bman5946, SoulBandit and cath68 like this
I am afraid to look at pics for now. I really dont know why there is a discussion what to do with those people.
(1 hour ago)
thanks guys. as a dad of a small daughter (or just a normal person) i am genuinely shaking and teary here. that f*ck needs to be hung drawn and quartered and i'll gladly lead the mob
(1 hour ago)
As a father I fully understand you bman
(1 hour ago)
bman5946 likes this
Even as a non-parent it's highly disturbing.. I've seen some crazy shit in the almost 10 years I've been here.. but this is... I have no words for it
(1 hour ago)
cath68 likes this
Me either but believe me as a parent it hits a lot harder. I am gone feeling is gone. Till next time
(1 hour ago)
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