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Wed, 19-Feb-20 6:48 AM (15 minutes ago)
Can I get some comments?
I drank bleach once and was blind for a minute.
(0 minutes ago)
Wed, 19-Feb-20 6:02 AM (1 hour ago)
The spamming culprit has struck again...
Which one? #Rhetorical ! grin
(38 minutes ago)
prettygirl1976 likes this
It’s such a pain in the ass
(24 minutes ago)
prettygirl1976 likes this
Kelsey. Lol.
(18 minutes ago)
there's always some POS who cant just enjoy our site .....And your pix are so much fuNN to look at luv your latest posts
(13 minutes ago)
Hey, pnw scuba fellow.
(2 minutes ago)
Wed, 19-Feb-20 4:55 AM (2 hours ago)
Nothing like looking out and seeing the Hollywood sign!
Meh, wasn't that impressed, but we're more of the middle of the woods leave us alone types
(1 hour ago)
ThePadrino likes this
I like the dark sky at night, makes the stars & the moon more shiny & bright. Hello Quietwacpl smile Nice to see you occasional lines here & there. Hope all is well.
(1 hour ago)
Awww thank you. Been spending some quality time with my wife for the past couple weeks. Horrible circumstances, but I love her & our time together so much smile
(3 minutes ago)
Wed, 19-Feb-20 6:59 AM (3 minutes ago)
Whats good today
Wed, 19-Feb-20 1:37 AM (5 hours ago)
Ravers...go to your room!! spam
gbm das boobies sind wunderbar redeyes
(1 hour ago)
001Bella likes this
Ellooo Bella grin And she most certainly without a doubt definitely is wink
(1 hour ago)
001Bella likes this
Lunatic wants to see GBM's boobies covered with chocolate shells. Norty! tongue
(47 minutes ago)
Just_Nick likes this
He'd be crazy if he didn't tongue
(45 minutes ago)
001Bella likes this
I can't remember who (could be GBM) but I've seen an Easter themed pic of boobs covered with halves of Easter chocolate egg.
(40 minutes ago)
Wed, 19-Feb-20 2:10 AM (4 hours ago)
New chapter ... New adventures xxx
Do tell?
(4 hours ago)
kissing2018 likes this
Yes do tell please.
(4 hours ago)
kissing2018 likes this
I hope the adventures are exciting
(42 minutes ago)
Wed, 19-Feb-20 5:42 AM (1 hour ago)
you do the quick math check your pockets, an its yeah i just don't have the spare karma to pull that one off.
I have both used & unused Tissues in my pockets, along with few worthless coins & a vicks inhaler.
(43 minutes ago)
lonelunatic likes this
Wed, 19-Feb-20 5:50 AM (1 hour ago)
well, the russian spam-bots did not wait until Sunday. She is 22, and her name is Kelsey... this weekwink
prettygirl1976 likes this
i hear she goes wild if you blow into her usb port smile
(1 hour ago)
She goes poof if you spill a liquid onto it or is it she auto-clones herself?
(44 minutes ago)
Wed, 19-Feb-20 5:03 AM (2 hours ago)
Time to go, have a good night all!
flitterbee likes this
good night griz !
(50 minutes ago)
Wed, 19-Feb-20 4:58 AM (2 hours ago)
Flitterbee has AMAZING tits! I would love to tribute her pic for her!
no thanks !!
(51 minutes ago)
1SexyPenis likes this
Wed, 19-Feb-20 5:55 AM (1 hour ago)
Hi bi ayr
Wed, 19-Feb-20 5:18 AM (1 hour ago)
i see hell's gates but heaven awaits
That's a high ascent! smile
(1 hour ago)
Sounds like that 80's tv series with the father of lil house in prairie. Road to heaven somethg or something like that.
(1 hour ago)
Wed, 19-Feb-20 5:29 AM (1 hour ago)
First real female to respond gets her pic dicked by my big cock.
Wed, 19-Feb-20 5:19 AM (1 hour ago)
Hey everyone! I haven’t logged in in literally years so I don’t remember how to use this site lol how do I send friend requests?
Wed, 19-Feb-20 2:58 AM (4 hours ago)
Hi Everyone! Just a quick hello. I can't stay more than a few hours!
lennynatural and GottaBeMe like this
black mail griz! lol
(2 hours ago)
To be honest, I don't see the numbers, I just want to see you naked.
(2 hours ago)
But I'll make up numbers if that helps!
(2 hours ago)
i see numbers too but not able to read them either.... i must go now.. back later smile
(2 hours ago)
C u laterFLit
(2 hours ago)
Wed, 19-Feb-20 4:20 AM (2 hours ago)
I would love to tribute your pic, Ladies... please just ask!
Slutty_on_NN likes this
Wed, 19-Feb-20 4:06 AM (2 hours ago)
Fri, 14-Feb-20 6:54 PM (4 days ago)
Wichita Bound! Happy Valentines!
cedar19 likes this
Should be a great night, headed that way ourselves......
(4 days ago)
I hope it was a good night!!!!
(3 hours ago)
Wed, 19-Feb-20 1:53 AM (5 hours ago)
Happy Humping Day..jerk dildo.;;
(4 hours ago)
Well away from Hign Noon here yer...LOL.. Hi terrid...x your a very sweet person..smile
(4 hours ago)
terrid53 likes this
Hi Ravers, and thank you! smile
(4 hours ago)
Raven2005 likes this
Humping Day can mean different things to different people...smile
(3 hours ago)
Wed, 19-Feb-20 3:24 AM (3 hours ago)
Fort Lauderdale
Alamo ?
(3 hours ago)
Wed, 19-Feb-20 3:38 AM (3 hours ago)
Just relaxing looking for new friends
Hi flitt! smile
(3 hours ago)
Whoops wrong status!
(3 hours ago)
Wed, 19-Feb-20 2:44 AM (4 hours ago)
The only thing Flat-Earthers fear is sphere itself. wink
but they have supporters all around then globe .....
(4 hours ago)
Do rember, that if you can fly in a straight line, then Space awaits yo....eek
(3 hours ago)
I've been orbiting the sun since 4:20......
(3 hours ago)
terrid53 likes this
Yikes! I tend to avoid flat earthers!
(3 hours ago)
For Ravens..We can can fly in a straight line,away from curved earth..but can't get spaced out, cos of no air...eek
(3 hours ago)
Wed, 19-Feb-20 1:57 AM (5 hours ago)
Status emojies look like a grade school kid that has coloured outside the lines right nowLOL
GottaBeMe likes this
useless [Inserts Ravers Deek][Link]
(3 hours ago)
terrid53 likes this
(3 hours ago)
Woders... juicy & I don'y like eachother.. so don't mention me in her status please.. I respect her her requst to keep clear... Sorry about this juicy.
(3 hours ago)
Ravers, how can you not like Juicy?
(3 hours ago)
Juicy told me..subject closed please.
(3 hours ago)
terrid53 likes this
Wed, 19-Feb-20 12:25 AM (6 hours ago)
I have sticky hands and I’m not sure why!
GottaBeMe likes this
You do?
(6 hours ago)
GottaBeMe likes this
I tand to wash mine....
(6 hours ago)
Agent_K likes this
I do!
(6 hours ago)
Raven2005 likes this
You were eating cake without a fork.
(4 hours ago)
(4 hours ago)
Wed, 19-Feb-20 1:58 AM (5 hours ago)
What perfume do you wear
^^*Est Belle
(5 hours ago)
I've got some strange jelly perfumes from crete, but not for you grin
(5 hours ago)
Very seldom, I keep it simple when I do. Anais Anais smells delish on me.
(4 hours ago)
Frankencese & myryh essential oil for the both of us.
(4 hours ago)
Now let me start..COCO CHANEL....
(4 hours ago)
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