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Tue, 18-Feb-20 7:07 PM (0 minutes ago)
Time to go elsewhere
Bye Felicia........
(0 minutes ago)
Tue, 18-Feb-20 7:05 PM (2 minutes ago)
Did you hear about the Buddhist who refused Novocain during a root canal? He wanted to transcend dental medication. grin
Tue, 18-Feb-20 7:04 PM (3 minutes ago)
I've gotten laid the last 3 nights in a row... And I'm certain its because I've done the dishes on my lunch break for the last week straight in a row.........
So you've been laying the table?
(1 minute ago)
Tue, 18-Feb-20 7:04 PM (3 minutes ago)
too funnny! him: "You boobs look so big and delicious full of milk mmmm" me: " no it tastes like shit from a donkey" him: "Lol I bet it’s delicious"
Tue, 18-Feb-20 7:00 PM (6 minutes ago)
I’m going to be taking some new pics tonight what would everyone like to see let me kno and I will see what I can do
Tue, 18-Feb-20 6:27 PM (40 minutes ago)
If anyone ever finds my search history, I'm in serious trouble! LOL
I'm sure the same applies to many here.
(25 minutes ago)
Mr_Vein likes this
True! I find myself searching for things I didn't even realise were things! eek
(20 minutes ago)
Like the square root of minus 1 - Imaginary numbers lol.
(17 minutes ago)
Tue, 18-Feb-20 6:23 PM (44 minutes ago)
A girl can never tire of being objectified by married men.
Tue, 18-Feb-20 5:39 PM (1 hour ago)
Pm me
Tue, 18-Feb-20 5:39 PM (1 hour ago)
Any hotwives looking for a bull
Tue, 18-Feb-20 5:29 PM (1 hour ago)
yup the doc says we should be good to go home tomorrow! they just took him off the iv and everything looks good!
nosanity and lennynatural like this
Tue, 18-Feb-20 5:23 PM (1 hour ago)
Be weird... Be random... Be who you are and keep it real. Because you never know who might love the person that you hide cool
nosanity and Mr_Vein like this
Haha wink Yeah I can see that tongue Quite funny though because as I said the last time I can actually imagine you doing it
(1 hour ago)
...... Sound effects too Wod? LOL
(1 hour ago)
poit poit poit ... and it sez ''view dantheman827's poodot'' ..... wait it might say profile? if i got me glasses on? grin
(1 hour ago)
Danthaman827 likes this
chrome had this cool extension ya could clik on ravers poodot an drop nooclear bombs down his dot .. or rotten toe mate toes LOL
(1 hour ago)
Danthaman827 likes this
I fink you might need to put ya giggs on Woddy it definitely says 'view profile'LOL
(1 hour ago)
Tue, 18-Feb-20 5:13 PM (1 hour ago)
Going to beach later. ANy requests for pics?
Tue, 18-Feb-20 5:13 PM (1 hour ago)
Removed my pics because of spammers this way they cant advertise on my photos.
Smart thinking! That will teach those spammers a lesson they soon won't forget!
(1 hour ago)
Maid4pleasure2 likes this
???????? good one.
(1 hour ago)
Or you could just limit comments to friends. Make the selection from "Your account settings"
(1 hour ago)
Maid4pleasure2 likes this
You have to be premium to limit photo comments to friends only.
(59 minutes ago)
Maid4pleasure2 likes this
Tue, 18-Feb-20 5:03 PM (2 hours ago)
Rubbing my hard cock
Do you get 3 wishes with that? blink
(1 hour ago)
Tue, 18-Feb-20 4:45 PM (2 hours ago)
Good week to everyone !!!
Tue, 18-Feb-20 4:22 PM (2 hours ago)
Shit gets real when you cook a fellow NNer breakfast in your dream eek LOL
That's not my fault Pad. I cooked enough for an army! LOL
(1 hour ago)
Vegan brekky for you too sanity? wink
(1 hour ago)
Must admit I prefer a real breakfast...
(1 hour ago)
For you i wouldn't mind vegan wink x
(44 minutes ago)
What did you make for me?
(19 minutes ago)
Tue, 18-Feb-20 4:16 PM (2 hours ago)
Having spammer in the comment section of all my pictures Karen665 is the name . What can be done to remove this without losing my pics and without being a premium member. thanks
Click on her profile and hit the "report this member" button. There is a dropdown with reasons for the report. Click Spam messages.
(2 hours ago)
Maid4pleasure2 and nosanity like this
Tue, 18-Feb-20 3:45 PM (3 hours ago)
Clean bill of health.. Glad that at least one of us is healthy in this chaos LOL Hiya Lovelies heart
Tue, 18-Feb-20 3:27 PM (3 hours ago)
I micro-financed a flower business today for a nice, young couple. They're hard workers and have a great business started and plan for the future. Felt good to see them launch.
VTCali, cmp304, lennynatural and Mr_Vein like this
I deal in micro-financing everyday. It's called my bank account.
(3 hours ago)
shaqila, VTCali and nosanity like this
Must feel good to help people achieve their dream
(3 hours ago)
surferjen likes this
Tue, 18-Feb-20 3:08 PM (3 hours ago)
ahh the joys those folks from the southern states of the US miss. fucking in a snow bank.
Hope it doesn't get too hot & steamy or the snow will melt
(2 hours ago)
Tue, 18-Feb-20 2:53 PM (4 hours ago)
I'm horny
Tue, 18-Feb-20 2:43 PM (4 hours ago)
got my eggs, sausage patty, apple juice, toast and of course green jello, lol! hopefully i can take my baby home tomorrow smile
Tue, 18-Feb-20 2:36 PM (4 hours ago)
i hardly know you
i know you hardly
(2 hours ago)
A hard man is good to find!
(2 hours ago)
hairytits likes this
i hardly you know
(2 hours ago)
Tue, 18-Feb-20 2:34 PM (4 hours ago)
Tue, 18-Feb-20 2:19 PM (4 hours ago)
Flips the closed sign
Open 23 hours.
(4 hours ago)
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