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Thursday, April 2, 2020, 8:03:24 PM- This has to be the best thing to come out of this Virus time
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"well , thats 6 minutes of my life i can't get back, but it won't be the only time i watch or rather listen to this, that was bloody good :D"
- Wodja

Sunday, March 29, 2020, 7:29:00 PM-
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"I *LOVED* this
- NN

Sunday, October 27, 2019, 9:17:28 AM- HALLOWEEN 2019 COMPETITION ANNOUNCEMENT
To celebrate Halloween, we are running a Halloween themed photo & video competition until 3rd November 2019.

NN Admins will choose the winners based on the creativity and originality of the photos & videos.

The prizes will be:

1st: LIFETIME premium & 100 Nudles

2nd: 2 Years premium membership & 50 Nudles

3rd: 1 Year premium membership & 25 Nudles

(don't forget if you win you can transfer the premium time to someone of your choice if you are already premium)

To enter:

You must submit the photo or video into the "Competition Entries" category before midnight on November 3 2019.

The Photo or Video Must:

~ Have your NN member name in the photo /video (i.e IN the actual photo written on you or a prop - not photoshopped)
~ Have "NewbieNudes" or "Happy Halloween NewbieNudes" in the photo / video (i.e IN the actual photo written on you or a prop - not photoshopped)
~ Be Halloween themed

The decision will be made in the week immediately following the 3rd of November and the winners notified by PM.

Note: Photos and videos will be judged by NN Admins. Photos and videos will be judged by creativity, quality, originality etc. The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into

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Friday, October 4, 2019, 10:19:30 PM- 17 Years old today!
17 Today!!

Hard to believe that it is that long ago that the name "NewbieNudes" popped into my head as a name for this project. What a project it has been. I am humbled that this place means so much to so many, that it has created so many great relationships, and that it has enabled me to continue working on this project that I love for so long.

As I likely communicate to you every year, we have so much planned to improve this place for you. I am excited for the future of this place as much as I have ever been. It is really special that I still feel the same optimism for this place as I did 17 years ago.

NewbieNudes is not a porn site, it's a community, a place where we can express our sexual selves with like-minded people without judgement or inhibition. I am proud of what we as a community have become. (I just wish more people knew we were here!)

If you love this place, please help us to prosper in two ways. 1) Tell a friend, stranger whoever, to come check this place out. If everyone told one or two people that would make a huge difference in our new member uptake 2) Please upgrade to premium if you are not already. We are a very small organisation and we'd like to invest more in developing the great features we have designed for you to enjoy, we just don't have enough human resources, and more premium sales will help that!

Let me close of this short note by thanking you, each and every one of you for finding us in the first place, staying here and contributing to this wonderful community. A special thanks also to our Mods, you guys do a great job and it is appreciated by all of us.

I am honoured to be the steward of this fine group of pervs! Let’s have a great year together!

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And yes, as Cotton candy said: Thanks for all the fun!"
- lovitt

Thursday, October 3, 2019, 9:04:13 PM- I have said a lot today, so you might want to read up on these status threads
Hi, as per title, I have said a lot today, so you might want to read up on these status threads:

On New "hot and fresh" section

On Upcoming New Moderation for pictures system

On General running of the site and issues around pleasing all with not enough resources
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"I've said this before but maybe offer a seven day membership or a 24 hour membership at say a dollar a day so that those that can't afford a subscription can try premium at little cost or subscribe to premium for the day if they want to remove some pics or reply to a few extra messages etc. You may just find it gives you a little boost in revenue."
- sidders73

Friday, October 5, 2018, 9:26:43 AM- Sweet 16
I do anything, my little sweet sixteen, I'll do anything, my little run away girl...
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"Happy Birthday NN :D"
- ~Wenchie~

Wednesday, October 4, 2017, 10:08:18 PM- 15 YEARS TODAY

15 Years is a long time for any business and a super long time for an internet site.

To think that we pre-date pretty much every other photo site in existence (not just adult ones) is pretty cool, and a fact I am proud of.

I am still here driving the ship with passion and enthusiasm, and although things have again been tough this last year with all the competition out there, I am more confident than ever that future is super bright for this place!

We are focusing our development efforts on the mobile site as now more than 55% of you are accessing the site from your phones. We have been able to secure some more development talent recently so that will mean improvements will flow faster. Our other area of focus is recruiting new members, so that there are more members around to play with.

As I always do when I blog on our birthday, I want to extend a very warm thank you to all of you for being here & supporting this place. I would also like to wish you a great year, not just here but IRL too.

Thank you for the last 15 years!


P.S. We are still very tight financially, so please if you can upgrade your account and/or buy some Nudles :)
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"Nearly 17 years old soon and still kicking.
Having seen many sites come and go since my time dialing into Rusty and Edies, Nixpix and what came with the advent of HTTP its been nice to know that NN is still here and thriving.
I mainly use NN on a laptop or PC but the mobile version is pretty cool too.
And being premium rocks! So much more bang for your buck.
Thanks for your hard work!"
- Sir_Pumpy

Tuesday, August 29, 2017, 11:32:09 PM- Video Chat and Chrome Browser

Video chat works in chrome, but recent changes to chrome by google mean you need to authorize each chrome instance to initiate flash.

You do this by clicking on the "( i )" or "Secure" just before the www.newbienudes in the address bar. Then you will see a menu. In that menu there is an option to "always" allow flash.

This is not a problem with our systems - it is a change google has made to chrome to try and blast away all instances of flash left on the internet.

To read up more on the issue - google "why wont my chrome browser work with flash anymore"

It is very annoying to us and our hands are tied as we hve no control over the video chat room (which we didn't build) or the browser.

We are looking for a new video chat solution that does not rely on flash. In the meantime, don't forget to tell your copy of chrome to allow flash!

I hope that helps.

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Friday, January 13, 2017, 10:43:46 PM- The selling out of social media
Have you all noticed that the largest social media sites / apps, FB, Insta, Whatsapp - are all owned by Facebook.

Have you also noticed that all these products that are so called "free" are selling you out. Your photos are uploaded to their servers (even if you don't post them on your profile), they shove ads down your throat in your feed based on the data they have scraped on you. Your contacts too are uploaded to their servers unbeknownst to you.

It is a really sad state of affairs, and I think that we are already seeing backlash via people just not posting as much on these services anymore. I know that my FB feed rarely has legitimate posts from my friends these days.

So why am I bringing this up? Well I guess I am venting a frustration in a way, that we here at NN are in a way full-filling the needs of people to socially interact online, and we are doing it honestly and with integrity. We are not tracking your location, scraping your phones, uploading your contacts to our servers and data-mining for info that we can use to market to you.

Yes, we are focused around sexuality, so you can't use us to share socially with your "real life" friends, but you can and do share with your friends that you met here on NN.

Isn't it nice to know that we are here for this purpose for YOU. We are not here to mine and exploit you for your data!

So what's the frustration? Well the frustration is that so many of you are reluctant to support us financially because you are used to all these other social network type products being "free". Why should NN be asking for money when all the other services I use are free.

I hope you have disseminated your answer to that question from what's been said in this post.

We need to charge to survive, to continue to provide and improve our service not just to you but to 100s of thousands of others. It is a fact of life that nothing is for free and you are paying with your privacy for the social network products mentioned earlier, and many others.

So next time your premium renewal comes around, or if you have yet to upgrade, please consider this, we are the good guys, doing things the right way and not exploiting you - and we thus appeal to you to find that few $ a month and support us financially so we can continue providing you this service we love so much that we feel is unequalled anywhere else.

Human sexuality is oppressed everywhere but here... Support your freedom to share your sexuality with others - Support NewbieNudes

Thanks for reading,
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"I have the perfect solution to this phenomenon (selling out).
I do not subscribe to FB, Twitter or any other social media.

When I considered signing up, I took one look at the questions to be answered and thought "That's none of your %*^#@* business, that's my business and I will share it whom I wish. (Emphasis on I and I.)
So I departed the sign-up pages and I've never been back. Nor have I regretted my decision.

Places like NN are good enough for me, and better than the line-up of social sellout sites."
- hardraho

Monday, October 3, 2016, 10:43:33 AM- 14th Birthday Photo Competition!!
On the 5th of October it will be our 14th Birthday!

To Celebrate, from now until the 15th of October we are going to be running a Birthday Photo Compeition.

To enter, your photo or video must be uploaded into the "Competition Entries" category on or before midnight GMT on October 15 2016.

Your photo or video must also:
~ Have your NN member name in the photo /video (i.e IN the actual photo written on you or a prop - not photoshopped)
~ Have "Happy 14th NN" or "Happy 14th NewbieNudes" in the photo / video (i.e IN the actual photo written on you or a prop - not photoshopped)
~ Be birthday themed.

The winner will be judged by NN staff and announced on or shortly after October 17th 2016.

The prizes are:

~ 1st Prize: 3 Years premium membership & 500 Nudles
~ 2nd Prize: 2 Years premium membership & 100 Nudles
~ 3rd Prize: 1 Year premium membership & 50 Nudles

All decisions regarding winners will be made by NN staff and no discussions will be entered into.

Good luck and we can't wait to see what you come up with this year!
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Most Recent Comment:
"I am to excited to do this for you guys
- lynnpeach9391

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