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Sex & General
Sexual Discussion
Discuss sex here, sexual positions, fetishes, likes, dislikes - whatever!
664,704 34,848 27-Oct-20   01:33
by dillaboy
Announce your arrival here at NN and say hello to other members here. Nothing other than new members saying hello in here please. Please make new members feel welcome.
20,120 8,096 22-Oct-20   21:53
by erinbrew123
General Discussion
Post all your general discussion threads in here! Stay on topic of the thread please.
633,158 19,610 27-Oct-20   02:56
by clittylicker
Erotic Stories
Post your erotic stories in here!
22,121 6,725 21-Oct-20   16:30
by frandessop
Fun & Games
All fun stuff goes here, such as jokes, funny incidents and so on
415,575 3,217 27-Oct-20   02:59
by nz2
NN Web Site
Feel free to ask for / offer help regarding the site here.
11,045 2,228 8-Oct-20   17:01
by mikes12
Site Discussion
Discuss the site and stuff here
35,897 2,797 24-Oct-20   03:22
by patchandwheels
Site Announcements
Posts from the NN team on the goings on in this place.
4,301 185 27-Oct-20   03:09
by NN
Site Feedback & Suggestions
Suggest things to improve the site. Also post any feedback you have - positive or negative here
10,410 1,216 26-Oct-20   16:26
by happyhumper69
Discuss all aspects of Nudles, including the Nudle Race
1,063 306 23-May-20   15:52
by Artistic
Premium Testimonials
If you are premium, write a testimonial here about premium for prospective premium members to read!
135 71 3-Sep-20   04:36
by terrid53
Meets & Goodbyes
Meet People
Announce your intentions to meet other people here
49,192 33,664 22-Oct-20   18:12
by snedds
Some of us sometimes have to leave this place, leave a goodbye post to members here
27,546 2,075 15-Oct-20   13:40
by Raven2005
Other Languages Forum
German | Deutsch Language Posts
Sprechen Sie/sprecht ihr deutsch? Dann ist hier der Platz fuer Ihre/eure Kommentare.
9,482 2,919 27-Oct-20   02:46
by Artistic
Other Languages
Don't speak English or German (Deutsch) then feel free to post here in any other language
5,876 409 20-Sep-20   10:44
by cockringlover79
Testing Area
Yep do tests here
13,672 799 8-Sep-20   22:56
by cookskip
Photography Tips & Tricks
Discuss taking photos for the site here.
396 156 9-Jul-20   18:04
by terrid53
Life Outside Sex
What do you do in your free time? Feel free to discuss it here.
1,227 139 5-Sep-20   18:58
by terrid53
An outlet for all your political views. Please keep it cordial.
26,855 476 27-Oct-20   01:45
by dziga
Discuss business, but no advertising please.
135 20 28-Aug-20   15:44
by PurpleEagle871
Studying? Here is the place to chat about all things educational.
321 24 17-Mar-20   08:51
by RavingLunatic
Cars & Bikes
A lot of people like cars, bikes or both!
919 64 26-Oct-20   15:56
by happyhumper69
Discuss relationships and relationship issues here.
508 67 6-Oct-20   15:57
by bootyhoo
Like music? Here is the place to share your musical interests, favorite songs etc.
1,636 90 13-Oct-20   04:31
by Natitlover24
Almost everyone loves to travel. Share your travel stories and favorite destinations here.
168 87 30-Aug-20   17:11
by afrobbc
Everyone has to eat. Some people love to facilitate that by cooking. Cooks in here!
864 74 7-Oct-20   13:11
by jackwalker0101
Computers & IT
We are all using them, discuss them here!
853 118 13-Sep-20   15:12
by RockCandyXX
Old & Obselete
Forum locked
Old Suggestions Thread
This is the old suggestions only thread left here for reference.
8,784 1,694 23-Jan-11   00:29
by bart1e

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