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Thu, 2-Apr-20 12:54 PM (4 minutes ago)
I miss making porn with my pretty little friends sad
Thu, 2-Apr-20 12:53 PM (5 minutes ago)
Cat is melting in my lap here, eyes half-open. Tough gig for the feline.
miss_molly likes this
Want my dogs, im sure the cat will wake up quicker that you can get a hard on when molly posts nude pics carrying rocks up a hill
(4 minutes ago)
MitchandDaisy likes this
Thu, 2-Apr-20 12:53 PM (6 minutes ago)
I got a square metre of rocks delivered today to the bottom of the hill. They could have dumped it at the top but I needed somthing to do..like order the kids to carry them up
lip2lip likes this
This was meant to be a comment but mobile NN is a jerk
(5 minutes ago)
Bbaggins4321 and lip2lip like this
Yeah you carrying dirty rocks, mmmmm sultry elements pic springs to mind wink
(2 minutes ago)
I got the quartzite ones this time they are sparkly so maybe I should do a platinum element theme
(0 minutes ago)
lip2lip likes this
Thu, 2-Apr-20 12:52 PM (6 minutes ago)
Morning Feckers!!! tongue
(5 minutes ago)
MidnightWriter likes this
Late evening to you muddy *slo mo running hug*
(4 minutes ago)
Early afternoon mucka here
(1 minute ago)
Thu, 2-Apr-20 12:42 PM (16 minutes ago)
What damn day is it
MitchandDaisy and bsjc like this
Today. smile Hello miss_molly
(12 minutes ago)
miss_molly likes this
Well its not yesterday, hello molls xx
(8 minutes ago)
miss_molly likes this
Not quite Friday sadly
(7 minutes ago)
miss_molly likes this
Thu, 2-Apr-20 11:42 AM (1 hour ago)
two rams are talking, one asked the other "what is the plan for today?" the other rams replied "fuck ewe"
(46 minutes ago)
Hope ewe is being nice...
(44 minutes ago)
(42 minutes ago)
If we had the bucks, we could have a stag do.
(42 minutes ago)
a frend of a frend bought 100 male deer, and 100 female pigs .... lucky basterd had 100 sows and bucks freak
(40 minutes ago)
Thu, 2-Apr-20 11:06 AM (1 hour ago)
Posting some photos I had put aside before we went into lockdown. Stay well, everybody. Kia Kaha.
Thu, 2-Apr-20 10:53 AM (2 hours ago)
What does a pear tree do before growing it’s fruit? It pre-pears. - Awful joke! SEB is much funnier than me! grin
SexyEnglishBabe likes this
^^ Not in your case of course!
(54 minutes ago)
I use fish fillets
(49 minutes ago)
EmuLater likes this
Cod pieces?
(48 minutes ago)
You're codding right?
(47 minutes ago)
EmuLater likes this
nah sounds like a red herring.
(43 minutes ago)
Thu, 2-Apr-20 10:31 AM (2 hours ago)
Just woke up! Can't sleep! Anyone got morning wood?
KentCock2017, floris_i and timj9599 like this
Could well be
(1 hour ago)
Odd, I use Firefox, Firefox Developer, Chrome, Edge and Opera. They all look fine to me!
(1 hour ago)
Yesterday there was an NN update and it required all Firefox windows to be closed then opened again.
(1 hour ago)
As I was asleep at the time and my PC was off, it did not affect me.
(1 hour ago)
Well just saying that I can't see you in your profile pic slot in status.., and a few others... I'll work on it..smile
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 2-Apr-20 10:17 AM (2 hours ago)
so how’s this work??
I thinking the same thing
(2 hours ago)
Hi wellcome to NN...It takes time to get settled... you do need pics and get verified might be the next steps...smile
(2 hours ago)
You don't actually "need" pics, although you are obviously encouraged to post some. All perves are welcome. smile Just join in any conversation on status and have fun. smile
(56 minutes ago)
Raven2005 likes this
Thu, 2-Apr-20 10:06 AM (2 hours ago)
Pope John Paul II died fifteen years ago today.
'e fukn snuffed it readin a book w00t [dangerous shit that readin malarky] unsure
(2 hours ago)
<<< Have stopped reding books...sad
(2 hours ago)
yeah we nose that ... duh
(2 hours ago)
* reading..(you see, can't spell now.)
(2 hours ago)
see above
(2 hours ago)
Thu, 2-Apr-20 9:48 AM (3 hours ago)
I had some fun with pics yesterday, just started to post them.
sheldon did fun with flags, juss sayin, guvna unsure
(2 hours ago)
Thu, 2-Apr-20 9:42 AM (3 hours ago)
Any ladies in Sydney tonight?
probably a few i would say but should be all in lockdown like the rest of us except those that are working hard
(3 hours ago)
i fort ya allowed out if ya trackin down a root? blink
(3 hours ago)
Only smeghead I know is Arnold J Rimmer
(2 hours ago)
Thu, 2-Apr-20 9:28 AM (3 hours ago)
Goodnight everybody stay safe aye
maraff, KiwiPic and mojo75nz like this
(3 hours ago)
Thu, 2-Apr-20 9:09 AM (3 hours ago)
Who's up
<<<<< down (under)
(3 hours ago)
timj9599 likes this
Up, down, flying around, looping the loop and defying the ground.
(3 hours ago)
timj9599 likes this
Thu, 2-Apr-20 9:06 AM (3 hours ago)
timj9599 likes this
naaaa,the clocks went forward
(3 hours ago)
We get an extra hours sleep this weekend....like we need it
(3 hours ago)
+ 2hours - 1 hour ... thankfuk i no live inda stoopid time zones
(3 hours ago)
^came before he went
(3 hours ago)
there a half hour zone and a 3/4 hour zone, thats fuctup
(3 hours ago)
Thu, 2-Apr-20 8:46 AM (4 hours ago)
Please don’t tell me they’ve limited the amount of alcohol you can buy
No spirits here, they’re all shut
(4 hours ago)
party trick : half to 3/4 fill ya wine bottle whit water, grab its neck bash da top whit rubber mallit, an da bottom pops of neat as like
(3 hours ago)
Might try that
(3 hours ago)
do NOT try this at home, I am a trained professional ... w00t
(3 hours ago)
Was that just a cunning way to get party invites smile
(3 hours ago)
Thu, 2-Apr-20 8:36 AM (4 hours ago)
Hello from my self-isolation bubblesmile
mojo75nz likes this
Very. In complete isolation as I’m immuno-compromised. No virus going to get me! Hope you are safe too.
(3 hours ago)
immuno-compromised ........... did that hurt? crying
(3 hours ago)
It can be painful, yes.
(3 hours ago)
Evening cutie smile from one bubble to another smile
(3 hours ago)
Hi cutie x..A Bubble Bath can work wonders...smile
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 2-Apr-20 8:29 AM (4 hours ago)
10 to 1 its a cyclops? or feks orf down da souf? a good 980mb woofta wood be a good gee OH grin
Hudson [Aliens] god your a whiney cunt ... suck it up Newt survived ...
(48 minutes ago)
Hudson..Upstairs & Downstaits...ohmy
(40 minutes ago)
ALIENS !! confor or be exterminated sneaky
(39 minutes ago)
ET will sort it angel
(38 minutes ago)
et met a Aliens he shit he pants w00t
(37 minutes ago)
Thu, 2-Apr-20 8:22 AM (4 hours ago)
Tired but not ready for bed....hello pervs
Same as you Paul & say hello to the someone online for me will you? smile
(3 hours ago)
cutiechoo likes this
We never kissed though....just got on with it eh
(3 hours ago)
You can say hello yourself....she’s on now
(3 hours ago)
Already did wink
(3 hours ago)
cutiechoo and maraff like this
too good for 'im ,lol
(3 hours ago)
Thu, 2-Apr-20 8:16 AM (4 hours ago)
I'm off like a prom dress; night all
KiwiPic likes this
Good night smile
(4 hours ago)
Thu, 2-Apr-20 8:12 AM (4 hours ago)
looking for fun
Thu, 2-Apr-20 8:05 AM (4 hours ago)
who want a dick on her pics
(4 hours ago)
Define 'on'
(3 hours ago)
Thu, 2-Apr-20 7:35 AM (5 hours ago)
So what's it like having so many comments you can't recite them by heart? tongue
< gets called a wuckin' fank 'er even without a beer in me 'and wink
(4 hours ago)
You alcy's laugh
(3 hours ago)
You're only saying that because it's true.
(3 hours ago)
Just_Nick likes this
And that I'm probably not on the outside looking in
(3 hours ago)
My memory is terrible so basically one would be my score tongue
(3 hours ago)
Just_Nick likes this
Thu, 2-Apr-20 7:35 AM (5 hours ago)
100 views Yay Me!!!!!!
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