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Tue, 26-May-20 11:38 AM (1 minute ago)
Bonjur fuckalettos
Tue, 26-May-20 11:35 AM (4 minutes ago)
You fucker.. I almost slipped
(3 minutes ago)
Tue, 26-May-20 11:02 AM (37 minutes ago)
Lets go crazy !
lol ok
(20 minutes ago)
(17 minutes ago)
(13 minutes ago)
little red corvette
(6 minutes ago)
Big blue monstertruck
(3 minutes ago)
Tue, 26-May-20 10:54 AM (45 minutes ago)
is winter over yet? evening all smile
lol it would pay to read all before answering i guess too wink
(41 minutes ago)
clittylicker likes this
im coming there cmp lol
(40 minutes ago)
good things? most good things dont last long
(40 minutes ago)
well, at least it has not snowed for a little over a week.
(39 minutes ago)
now ya say that cmp lol
(39 minutes ago)
cmp304 likes this
Tue, 26-May-20 10:50 AM (49 minutes ago)
Passed this day in 1521, the Edict of Worms banned the writings of Martin Luther—a German cleric whose efforts to change the church led to the Reformation—and declared him an outlaw and a heretic.
I guess if we survive long enough as a species then all days will be of some significance or other
(46 minutes ago)
clittylicker likes this
edict of worms? eek
(38 minutes ago)
Thats what i like about this.. Came for a wank.. But im also learning! Its like sunday catholic school agsin 👌
(1 minute ago)
Tue, 26-May-20 10:20 AM (1 hour ago)
Celibacy is hard. And there in lies the quandary.tongue
it gets easier tongue
(37 minutes ago)
Tue, 26-May-20 9:45 AM (1 hour ago)
Thinking I need more lotion
Coconut Oil!!!
(1 hour ago)
Tue, 26-May-20 8:32 AM (3 hours ago)
Woo Hoo! I'm in No 1 position on Mature Males in the Category Highlights!
flitterbee likes this
Tue, 26-May-20 8:00 AM (3 hours ago)
Should J cam this week???
SpunkFlute2 likes this
I don't know.. Who is J?
(3 hours ago)
I know a chick called K if J is busy.
(3 hours ago)
Just_Nick likes this
By that I mean.... YES! 7 hours from now suits me / us.
(3 hours ago)
Isn't K the character from Men In Black?
(3 hours ago)
No objections from me!
(3 hours ago)
Tue, 26-May-20 7:48 AM (3 hours ago)
almost finished spray painting my E36 BM. Already the fastest and best car in the world! GOAT!
Tue, 26-May-20 7:47 AM (3 hours ago)
Eating lots of creamy cum while hubby watches and wanks
Donniesrockinjock likes this
We're having beef stroganoff for dinner, maybe with basmati rice.
(3 hours ago)
Just_Nick and MrsTrellis like this
We are doing Jasmine rice, but our version of sticky chicken. Some oyster and cashew flavoured, the rest BBQ
(3 hours ago)
theroyalcouple likes this
I made a nice ham & prawn pizza. smile
(1 hour ago)
Just_Nick and Raven2005 like this
Tue, 26-May-20 7:00 AM (4 hours ago)
Trying to delay the start of the working week, distract me people pls lol
hotrodessex likes this
Tue, 26-May-20 6:31 AM (5 hours ago)
Insecure means he’s more than secure. He’s not only secure, he’s "insecure".
I thought the Three Amigos reference was pretty clever though
(4 hours ago)
rc's comment i take it you mean there? lol
(4 hours ago)
theroyalcouple likes this
Anywhere is good. Not huge Three Amigos tbf. Not a fan of that comedy guy who isn't, and the other two who wan't to be. (I just wanted to play along and be involved *sob* )
(4 hours ago)
flitterbee likes this
I'd suggest not lowering yourself to my pitiful wallowing Royal lol
(4 hours ago)
flitterbee and theroyalcouple like this
i had no idea on the reference but i knew it wasnt my comment ya meant lol
(3 hours ago)
Tue, 26-May-20 5:57 AM (5 hours ago)
This quarantine is dragging. Need someone fun to talk to
Tue, 26-May-20 5:19 AM (6 hours ago)
regrouping after isolation
flitterbee likes this
Hi sydsmile
(4 hours ago)
Tue, 26-May-20 3:56 AM (7 hours ago)
Isolation log... well there goes my diet, made this amazing chocolate cheesecake and it was gooood
flitterbee likes this
nothign like 2kg of amazing cheese arriving to banish any thoughts of diet tongue
(7 hours ago)
Tardis likes this
you got that right plus lots and lots of chocolatw
(7 hours ago)
KiwiPic likes this
yummo, chocolate cheesecake, I might have to make one this week now smile lol
(5 hours ago)
Tue, 26-May-20 3:47 AM (7 hours ago)
Striating my cock, lookin for something to cum too, PMs open smile
(7 hours ago)
Tue, 26-May-20 3:21 AM (8 hours ago)
Tue, 26-May-20 3:08 AM (8 hours ago)
Ever happens lalala lalala
(8 hours ago)
Tue, 26-May-20 3:05 AM (8 hours ago)
G'nite everyone! heart I'm gonna take my shampoo & shower gel, outside in the storm, have me some drunk, Dana tyme! bounce
PApda and clittylicker like this
That was meant to say shower not that but nighty night you
(8 hours ago)
terrid53 likes this
Enjoy! Night night
(8 hours ago)
terrid53 likes this
Nite PApda! Have a good one! xx
(8 hours ago)
good night dana ! smile
(8 hours ago)
Night beautifulsmile
(4 hours ago)
Tue, 26-May-20 2:39 AM (9 hours ago)
Baby, I'll learn to touch you I wanna breathe into your well See, I gotta to hunt you I gotta to bring you to my hell Baby, I wanna fuck you, I WANNA FEEL YOU IN MY BONES Boy, I'm gonna love You baby
How 'bout ya just make us all a drynk? smile
(8 hours ago)
best idea i have heard or seen today so far wink
(8 hours ago)
terrid53 and DazzilingDot1203 like this
Tue, 26-May-20 2:24 AM (9 hours ago)
Don’t forget those who paid the highest price for our freedom when celebrating today.
(9 hours ago)
Bigcufan1 likes this
Tue, 26-May-20 1:32 AM (10 hours ago)
I love seeing the way they stretch a pretty lil white slut pussy out I really need me a gf who is down
Good moaning Sally. wink
(9 hours ago)
Hi Clitty, how are you?
(9 hours ago)
I'm just grrrrrrreat thanks. It looks like our wet season has started - just sitting here watching the thunderstorm roll on. smile
(9 hours ago)
terrid53 likes this
No pretty little white slut pussies to watch, but I love watching the rain. smile
(9 hours ago)
Me too! dance it's incredibly humid, with a light show! We've had some storms today!
(9 hours ago)
PApda likes this
Tue, 26-May-20 1:28 AM (10 hours ago)
So that's why, you've got to try....You got to breath and have some fun....Though I'm not paid, I play this game....And I won't stop until I'm done.......
Storms a comin', Tug!
(9 hours ago)
It stormed last night while I was at the lake cabin. Power went out for a bit and dumped 2.5" of rain...
(9 hours ago)
More rain coming! We're in the red, for later. Although, it could happen any minute.
(9 hours ago)
That's what I saw on radar, all staying to the East of me but heading through your neck of the woods... Be safe Dana!
(9 hours ago)
terrid53 likes this
Hey, I'm home alone, drynking way too much! I probably won't even notice!
(9 hours ago)
Tue, 26-May-20 1:14 AM (10 hours ago)
I'm jacking off to women who are white fucking black cocks and I'm a white man is that weird?
You asking if it's weird is a little weird. But have fun
(10 hours ago)
cmp304 and ThePadrino like this
i'm wondering why you care?
(10 hours ago)
ThePadrino likes this
Maybe you're not so simple after all.....
(10 hours ago)
I love incel fantasies!
(9 hours ago)
clittylicker likes this
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